We take pride in our products. We work very hard to satisfy our customers. Our dulse grows in the bay of Fundy in Digby County during the summer months and is picked by hand at low tide, Our pickers travel along the shore in 16ft boats so we can land on the rocky beaches then the dulse is brought back to the spreading grounds to lay out for the sun to dry, it takes 4 to 6 hours to dry.

Our products are all natural, sundried and contain no additives!

Our Products

These are some of our products:
Dry Crisp Dulse
Slack Dry Dulse
Dulse Flakes
Sea Flavour Seasoning
Nori Flakes
Sea Lettuce Flakes
Kombu Vegetable Flakes
Nori Snacks
Roasted Nori Snack
Dulse Powder
Dulse Soap
Gift Baskets available on request

Our best seller is the Dry Crisp Dulse!

Dulsing We Will Go

Discover the time-honored method of picking, cleaning, drying and preparing the world famous Bay of Fundy Dulse (seaweed snack) for market. Sample a wide array of dulse products and learn about the health benefits of their many uses. Wanda will help you learn to identify nori, rockweed, kelp and other sea plants. Then indulge yourself in a feast of dulse biscuits, fried dulse and tomato sandwiches washed down with a fine cup of dulse tea. 3-4 hours.
$73.00 Adults / $51.00 Youth

Please visit our Fundy Adventures website for more information on other adventure packages that we do including this one. www.fundyadventures.com